Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to our Book Club!

So let's start this blog off on the right foot. We are two sisters, wives, mothers (well, one of us so far), daughters and friends. We also happen to be your not-so-average literary fiends. Patrick (my husband) says I "inhale" books. This part is mostly true, since words are, to me, an amazing portal to countless worlds and emotions.

For Tanya and me, sharing our love of books has been a bit of a challenge. I'm firmly planted in Orlando where Tanya moves around at the whim of the Air Force (her husband's office is in a B1). We usually share our latest book obsessions via Skype, and tend to mail our favorites across the country when we are able to part with them.

Starting off, we'll both share our Top 5 Favorite Books, which should be an interesting challenge when we get right down to it! In the future, we hope to review books as we read them and be our brutally honest selves. We invite you to follow along and give us your input!

Our blog's main characters: Meredith (L) and Tanya (R). Robby is our main man in the middle (Tanya's son, my Godson)

Stay tuned!


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Nicole said...

Love the pic of you ladies and am interested to see where this book club goes :) Count me in!